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  • What Do I Wear?
    Wear something comfortable. The caves are maintained at pleasant 70 to 72 degrees. If you chill easily, please feel free to bring a sweater or hoodie. To keep the salt clean, shoes are not permitted - so please bring socks. If you arrive without socks, ask the attendant for assistance. Once inside, you'll stretch out on an oversized zero-gravity recliner and listen to the mellow sounds of soothing meditation music and gentle waves for 50 minutes. If you have any skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, we suggest you allow your arms to remain exposed so the salt can work its magic. Most people fall asleep in the caves. When this happens, it is normal for body temperature to drop a bit, and you may get chilly, so feel free to grab a cozy blanket as you enter the cave. Please note - clothing is mandatory in the facility (including the sauna)! Video Recording in Progress - for everyone's safety, multiple video cameras are located throughout the building. Please remain respectful of others at all times. If you choose to wear a swimsuit into the sauna - please use the dressing area or ADA restroom. For your convenience, we have a large coat closet and keyed lockers to store your personal items. If you have any questions about the clothing policy or video recording practices, please talk with a staff member.
  • Can I Wear Shoes Into the Caves?
    No shoes are permitted in the caves. If you do not have socks with you, please see an attendant. Keyed lockers are provided at no charge. Please feel free to safely store your belongings while you relax in the caves.
  • What is Cave Etiquette?
    When you book a cave for a private party, you are welcomed to talk with others in your session. However, if you are sharing a session with others NOT in your party, we strongly discourage any conversation. Please be considerate - many people visit the caves to manage conditions like stress and high blood pressure. It is difficult to relax and meditate while others are talking. Proper etiquette is to remain silent when you share a cave with others not in your party. Thank you for your cooperation. 🌷
  • Why Must I Arrive 5 to 10 Minutes Early?
    To maintain the microclimate of the caves, we only open the doors for 5 minutes. If you arrive after the doors have closed, we will reschedule your appointment. THERE IS NO LATE ADMITTANCE INTO THE CAVES - PLEASE ARRIVE 5 to 10 MINUTES EARLY TO PREPARE TO ENTER THE CAVES! Harmony - our large cave opens at the top of every hour (example: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc.) while Tranquilty opens on the half hour (1:30, 2:30, 3:30, etc) So being "on time" is actually "late."
  • Can I Bring My Mobile Device Into the Cave? Can I Wear a Watch? What About Hearing Aids?
    Salt is not great for electronics, so if you bring them into the caves, you do so at your own risk. If you cannot part with your device, or wish to listen to your own playlist, please be sure to silence your phone (and keep it hidden under the provided blanket.) For those of you who wear watches and hearing aids the same rule applies. The air is filled with tiny microparticles of salt - great for your lungs, but terrible for electronics! A special note to those with beautiful handbags. Salt draws water to it. For this reason, placing a leather handbag on salt can damage your bag. Please keep it beautiful by locking it up. Keyed lockers are provided at no charge. Please consider locking up your valuable items.
  • I've Been to Other Salt Caves. Are Your Caves Like the Others?
    Our two caves are not only beautiful, but also quite large! They are true "caves" and not "salt rooms." Every salty bolder, some weighing as much as 70 pounds, have been applied to the walls by hand. The floors are covered with 6 inches of beautiful organic pink salt. (You'll love listening and feeling the "crunch" as you walk on it!) Dr. Margaret Smiechowski introduced salt caves to the U.S. about 20 years ago. Due to their amazing health benefits, plus being FSA and HSA eligible, they have grown in popularity. We are very fortunate that Dr. Margaret not only designed, but personally handcrafted our two beautiful caves. For this reason, we are 100% confident in our caves' ability to offer effective halotherapy. Unfortunately, not all caves are constructed with the infrastructure necessary for therapeutic results. We have spent the extra time and money to ensure our caves' effectiveness. The 22 tons of organic pink Himalayan salt that adorns the cave's walls and floors was sustainably sourced from Pakistan. We have verified that the workers were treated fairly, and were well-compensated via their union. We believe Dr. Margaret outdid herself and crafted two of the most beautiful caves in the country. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
  • Are the Caves ADA Friendly?
    Yes! Our largest cave, Harmony is ADA compliant. In fact, all our services are!
  • Can Children Visit the Caves?
    Children 10+ (and who can self-manage) are permitted when accompanied by an adult. If they are experiencing a health issue, please check with their doctor prior to booking an appointment.
  • The Caves are Open Seating. What Does That Mean?
    The Caves are open seating on a first-come, first-served basis. Unless you book as a private group, you'll likely be in a cave with people you may not know. That said, you won't feel crowded because our caves are quite large and we've chosen to utilize oversized zero-gravity chairs, thereby limiting the number of participants. This decision gives you a great deal more room. Of course, safety is always a top priority, so our caves are monitored via multiple video cameras to ensure your safety.
  • Can I Book a Cave for Just My Friends and Family?
    Yes, of course! Both caves are available for private party rental. Just contact a staff member for more information. Save money via a punch pass!
  • Will I Be Alone in the Far Infrared Sauna?
    Yes. When you book the 4-person far infrared sauna you will be alone UNLESS you choose to invite others to join you. If this is the case, your rate is $45 for 40 minutes and their rate is reduced to $25 per person. Feel free to utilize the chromolight and red light therapies at no additional cost. Please remember - there are video cameras in the sauna room, so please use the dressing area if you want to change into a swimsuit. Clothing MUST be worn in the sauna at all times. Our sauna is ADA compliant.
  • How Do I Book A Party?
    Our facility is available for private party rental. Our largest cave, Harmony, accommodates up to 10 and "Tranquility" accommodates up to six. The minimum for a private party is six (6) in Harmony and four (4) in Tranquility. The cost remains $45 per person, however, others will not be booked into your session. (Please talk with our staff after booking multiple seats to ensure we know you are hosting a party.) Cave and Foot Spa Detox Combo Many choose to book a cave AND the foot spa for a two-hour experience. Our foot spa detox room accommodates 6. When paired with "Tranquility*" your party will enjoy one service before transitioning to the other in minutes. Additionally, we invite you to use our vintage china and Fable stemware at no additional charge. You can even bring your own food or have it delivered! The cost of the foot spa is $45 per person. Buy a Punch Pass and Save! *NOTE - Tranquility and the foot spa are both located on the second floor and are not ADA compliant.
  • Is This FSA or HSA Eligible?
    Most FSA and HSA providers view "Halotherapy" and "Far Infrared Sauna" treatments as "alternative" therapies. To ensure your company allows this type of "alternative therapy," please contact your provider prior to visiting the Carmel Salt Caves & Spa. Halotherapy is also known as "Dry Salt Therapy." Please be aware that many FSA and HSA cards do not have "chips," so credit card readers may have a difficult time processing them. If you have confirmed that your plan allows for Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) and/or Far Infrared Saunas, and our reader does not accept your card, simply use a different payment method, and email/text the receipt to yourself and submit it for reimbursement. Carmel Salt Caves & Spa is not a licensed healthcare provider, however, we offer these two alternative services which are typically a "covered expense" by most HSA and FSA providers. Note: The foot detox is definitely NOT eligible via any provider.
  • I Want to Book More Than One Person - How Do I Do That?
    Note: We are always happy to do the bookings for you. Call: 317-533-1845 or Email: Many groups celebrate at the Caves. Most groups request the option to have every individual pay for their own experience. For this reason, it is necessary to make multiple entries to secure multiple seats. THAT SAID - if you want to book multiple people, there's no need to type your info multiple times. Simply call 317-533-1485 and we'll create your reservations in minutes! You can text your request to that number or email us at Once we book your seat(s) or event, we'll send a confirmation notice to the phone number or email address you provide. IMPORTANT - EVERY PERSON ATTENDING NEEDS A SEAT. Please do not secure one seat and put "I'm bringing 3 people with me." The software counts seats reserved and cannot read notes. Every person should have a seat listed - even if it means using your name multiple times. Please call if you need further clarification or assistance. If you need ANY help or would like us to book a service for you - please do not hesitate to call or email. It takes us just minutes to book a large party. PAYMENT - YOU ARE CHARGED AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED WHEN YOU BOOK ONLINE UNLESS YOU FAIL TO CANCEL WITH 24 HOUR NOTICE. WE DO NOT SAVE THE CREDIT CARD INFO USED TO HOLD YOUR SEAT. YOU CAN USE ANY FORM OF PAYMENT AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to the Caves!
  • Do You Offer Group Discounts?
    Our system is designed to allow each guest to pay individually. However, if you wish to pay for a group, we offer punch passes to help you save money.
  • Do You Offer Discounts or Memberships?
    Yes! Click Here to learn more!
  • I'm a Carmel Firefighter. How Do I Get into the Caves for Free?
    We honor and thank the men and women who bravely serve our community, and understand that everyday you put yourself in harm's way to protect us. In doing so, you may suffer respiratory harm. The Carmel Salt Caves offers well-vetted respiratory therapy known as "halotherapy" which has been shown to help calm inflammation and thin mucus as it works to heal delicate lung tissue. As long as a private group hasn't secured the caves, we will always have a chair available for our Carmel Firefighters at no charge. Simply call 317-533-1485 to secure a seat. Please bring your credentials until we are familiar with you. Thank you for your service!
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