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Terms & Conditions

A legal disclaimer

At Carmel Salt Caves and Spa, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our Terms & Conditions aim to establish a clear and respectful relationship between us, as the provider of holistic healing services, and you, as our valued customer. These T&C apply to all the activities and services provided by Carmel Salt Caves and Spa, whether you visit our website or our physical location. We encourage you to read them carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What are Terms & Conditions?

Terms and Conditions (T&C) are a set of legally binding terms that define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in a transaction or a relationship. In our case, the T&C establish the rules, limitations, and expectations that govern the provision of holistic healing services by Carmel Salt Caves and Spa to you, as our customer. By accepting our T&C, you agree to comply with them and to respect our policies and procedures, as detailed on our website and at our location.

What do our T&C include?

Our T&C cover a wide range of issues related to the provision of holistic healing services by Carmel Salt Caves and Spa, including but not limited to: the scope and limitations of our services; the pricing, payment, and refund policies; the appointment scheduling and cancellation policies; the confidentiality and privacy policies; the intellectual property and copyright policies; the liability and indemnification clauses; and the dispute resolution and governing law provisions. For more information on our T&C, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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