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According to its maker, the ionic foot detox machine cleanses and detoxifies the body by via ions. Ions are atoms that have an electrical charge. The machine we utilize, called an array, creates a flow of negative and positive ions which helps to remove toxins and impurities from the cells. This process may help to improve overall health and well-being.

Foot Spa Detox - $45

You Should NOT Do This Treatment If You:

  • Have a pacemaker or a heartbeat regulating device,

  • Have had an organ transplant,

  • Suffer from psychotic episodes or seizures,

  • Have advanced stages of diabetes,

  • Have epilepsy,

  • Pregnant or lactating,

  • Have open wounds.

Please Note: 

The Foot Spa room is upstairs on the second floor. If you cannot climb the stairs and would like to experience this treatment, please make arrangements with the office staff and a portable machine will be set up on the first floor for you. Beginning in June, a second foot spa room on the main floor will be available! 

The entire procedure typically lasts one hour. Please wear clothing that allows you to expose your lower leg and rest your feet in warm water up to your mid-calf. 

Be Prepared for "Eweewwww!"

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During the course of the treatment, you'll notice the water slowly begins to change. The makers of the Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine state, "Science has determined that water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions, and because the body is composed of about 70% water, the body's ability to interact with water is imminent. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water affects the vibrational frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields of each. Consequently, the Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is one of the best types of body detoxifiers. It is an amazingly exceptional natural healing product. It is painless, and has no harmful side effects." (Better Health Company, 2013) 

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What's the Process?

Simply slip off your shoes and slide your feet into warm water laced with pharmaceutical grade salt. Our staff will then place an Ionic Cleanse Detox Device, called an "Array" into the water which creates a small, non-painful, electrical charge. Please note - this is NOT a pedicure. (Our staff is not licensed to perform pedicures.) It IS - a wonderful, relaxing, and eye-opening experience that many find beneficial.

Make It a Party!

Use the Foot Detox treatment for some alone time, or bring your friends or significant other. The room is available for private parties! Combine it with time in a private Cave and experience two-hours of BLISS!  Talk with a staff member for more information. 


Upgrade Your Experience!

Red Light Facial ($5)

Mocktails ($5) 

What Does It Cost?

The fee is $45. Please plan for up to an hour in the foot spa room.

Book early! This is a very popular service!

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The Salt Cave_18.JPG

OK - the video is gross but it's my feet 15 minutes into the process! Eweeewweeee! 

Final results after 30 minutes.


How can we help you today?

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