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Carmel Salt Caves
& Spa

10696 North College
Carmel, IN 46280
Tuesday & Wednesday 10 - 8
Friday & Saturday
10 - 8
Sunday Noon - 5 

(Closed Monday and Thursday)

Or Call 317-533-1485
And We Will Book For You

Our Services

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Salt Caves
$45/1 Hour

Salt Caves are well-known for helping people manage 

respiratory issues like COPD, asthma, allergies - even stress!

Our two state-of-the art caves are open to the public without a prescription. Both are FSA and HSA eligible! 

Both caves are available for private parties.

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Foot Spa Detox
$45/ 1 Hour


Our foot detox assists your body in its release of heavy metals from your body. Heavy metals are known to disrupt the body's metabolic functions. 

Make it a party! Guests may bring food or have it delivered, and use our antique dishes and Fable stemware at no additional cost. 

The room accommodates up to six!

Available for private parties!

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Red Light Therapy
$45/ 1 Hour

Our Far Infrared Sauna is clinically tested to help you:

  • Lose weight & increase metabolism

  • Release toxins

  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness

  • Sleep Better

  • Release stress & tension

  • Improve skin


Discover the many benefits our Far Infrared Sauna provides! FSA and HSA eligible! 

Money Saving Packages - Click Here to Learn More!

Our Approach to Healing

At Carmel Salt Caves and Spa, we believe in holistic healing for the mind, body, and soul. Our services are carefully selected to provide a unique and rejuvenating experience that aligns with our core values of natural healing and wellness.

Natural Healing

Mind-Body Connection



Wellness Programs

Owned and Operated by Carmel resident, Dr. Skye Winslow, Carmel Salt Caves & Spa is a delightful way to relax both your mind & body. Our two salt caves offer state-of-the-art "halotherapy" which has been clinically vetted to improve respiratory issues. As you relax and breathe deeply, micro-particles of pharmaceutical grade salt infuse your lungs as your mind and body unwind for deep stress relief at the subconscious level.  

It's like enjoying a restful day at the beach!

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